Opened in 2016 by Chef Jared Sippel and General Manager James King, Italienne offers two distinct dining experiences rooted in Northern Italian and Southern French cuisine. In Italy, many fine-dining ristorante have a complementary osteria. The two share a symbiotic relationship, offering guests a choice of dining experiences and allowing the chef to cook with as little waste as possible. Italienne is bringing this European way of life to fruition here in New York City.
The casual Taverna, or front room, is a lively space offering bar snacks, small plates & dishes meant to be shared family style with a stunning marble bar as its focal point.
Rusticity meets elegance in the back Dining Room where guests can enjoy various starters, pastas and entrees from Chef Jared Sippel’s menu or a ‘Voyage’ tasting menu specially designed for a curated experience.
Chef Sippel’s cuisine highlights the best products of the season and focuses on the close relationships with our purveyors. Wine Director Erica O’Neal showcases traditional wines to pair alongside the tasting menu, providing an authentic ‘old world’ dining experience.
Every Monday evening you can experience a different region of Italy or France with our Regional Dinner Series. Chef Jared features a 3 course menu showcasing classic dishes from a specific French or Italian region of inspiration.


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