About Us

jamesandjared-webWe are a progressive neighborhood restaurant that is consistent in nurturing our guests and community with precision and warmth.  The service culture that we strive for is personable and informed, rooted in Italian and French hospitality and tradition.  Our culinary inspiration evolves from the South of France into the North of Italy and is presented locally with a contemporary approach.

Italienne (the French word for Italian) delves deeply into the cuisine, wine, and spirits of Northern Italy, Southern France, and their borders, melding Italian heart and soul with French elegance and refinement. Its two distinct, yet complementary, spaces create a true “old world” restaurant focused on hospitality, and a nose-to-tail, root-to-stem ethos. In the dining room, guests can enjoy Chef Jared Sippel’s four-course tasting menu, with fine-dining flourishes, luxury ingredients, and warm, approachable service. In the front of the restaurant is the taverna: a neighborhood osteria featuring a rustic, market-driven menu of small plates, centered around a grill and wood smoker. The wine list focuses on lesser-known producers specific to the regions incorporated in Chef Sippel’s cuisine, highlighting reds from Piemonte, along with Northern Italian whites. Italienne’s beverage program features imported beers, ciders, and cocktails showcasing French and Italian digestivo. Each year Chef Sippel with partner James King and team embark on a research trip to Europe, bringing back new ideas and inspiration to showcase at Italienne.